Mind Your OT Business

Mind Your OT Business

Hosted by: Laura Park Figueroa

The Mind Your OT Business podcast empowers and equips occupational therapy practitioners to be savvy and successful entrepreneurs. Learn along with the always-honest Laura Park Figueroa as she shares valuable...


Episode 45: Lessons I'm Learning from Upheaval

Season #1 Episode #45

Transparency as a leader and entrepreneur is something that’s very important to me. In this episode, I reveal some of the lessons I’ve learned this year as I’ve faced some personal upheaval in my business and personal...
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Episode 44: Release Limiting Beliefs & Follow Your Intuition with Landy Peek

Season #1 Episode #44

All of us have limiting beliefs about ourselves, businesses and our lives. Limiting beliefs are part of being human. However, if we can tap into our intuition and shift our mindset, we can embrace the role of CEO in...
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Episode 43: Accept Challenges & Commit to Action with Carlyn Neek

Season #1 Episode #43

Do you struggle with negative thoughts about yourself? With anxiety, fear or insecurity about your work as an OT entrepreneur? My guess is that you probably answered yes to those questions because the truth is: we all...
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Episode 42: Overcoming Your Fears as an OT Entrepreneur

Season #1 Episode #42

Do fears ever hold you back in your business? If so, you HAVE to listen to this episode where I am sharing my 5 tips for overcoming your fears as an OT entrepreneur. You’ll also hear a personal story about a time when...
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Episode 41: 3 Things You Need to Systematize in Your Business

Season #1 Episode #41

Do you know one of the best-kept secrets for scaling businesses? Systems! If you’ve been struggling with systematizing your OT business then you’ll want to hear the tips shared in this episode. I talk about the 3...
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Episode 40: Get Out of Overwhelm by Hiring a Virtual Assistant with Courtney Smith

Season #1 Episode #40

Have you been hesitant to begin delegating tasks in your business? Courtney Smith is a dual PT/OT, turned copywriter who is passionate about helping private practices thrive with effective direct marketing to clients,...
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Episode 39: 4 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Business Coach

Season #1 Episode #39

Have you found yourself wondering what YOU can do to take your business to the next level this year? Most of the accomplished entrepreneurs I know have coaches. Someone who helps them improve their chances of success...
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Episode 38: 2020 Year-in-Review: Reflections & Revenue From My Marathon Year

Season #1 Episode #38

We can all collectively agree that 2020 was not quite what we thought it’d be. In this episode, I am breaking down the goals I set for 2020 and how they panned out in my business. I also talk about some of the pivots...
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Episode 37: How to Make Good Decisions While Living in the In-Between

Season #1 Episode #37

Making good decisions while you’re stuck in an in-between part of life can be downright challenging. But it’s not impossible, in fact I believe a lot of us are struggling with this right now. In this episode, I am...
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Episode 36: LIVE Coaching Call with Katie Caspero of OT Graphically

Season #1 Episode #36

If you’ve recently started your business and you’re struggling to get your message out there to the world you have to listen to this episode with Katie Caspero. In this episode, you’ll hear the live coaching call I...
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Episode 35: How Creating a "Framework" Will Boost Your Business

Season #1 Episode #35

Having a framework for your business will give you the ability to say “no” to the things that don’t align with your growth plan. In this episode, I am talking about the many benefits of creating a framework to help...
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Episode 34: Why You MUST have an email list to grow your business

Season #1 Episode #34

Email marketing is imperative for your business. If you want to get more sales, you need to be utilizing emails to build the know, like and trust with your audience. In this episode, I talk about the ins and outs of...
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