Episode 36: LIVE Coaching Call with Katie Caspero of OT Graphically

Season #1 Episode #36

If you’ve recently started your business and you’re struggling to get your message out there to the world you have to listen to this episode with Katie Caspero.

In this episode, you’ll hear the live coaching call I had over in my Facebook group, Occupational Therapy Entrepreneurs with Katie. She is the founder of OT Graphically, where she creates infographics for OTs and other research professionals and we explored how she can bring more clients to her business through marketing.

You’ll hear how Katie finds her customers, what she’s working on to clarify her marketing messages, my ideas for helping Katie establish herself as an expert and what takeaways she had from our conversation!


Katie and I discuss:

  • What Katie does within her business
  • How she’s pursuing a certificate in implementation science
  • Who her ideal clients are (and who she works with)
  • Where she finds her audience online
  • Her approach to finding her customers online
  • How Katie shares her message with potential customers
  • The two problems her business solves
  • What she’s doing to clarifying her messaging
  • Issues that have come up within her marketing
  • Ideas for establishing Katie as an expert in her field
  • Katie’s takeaways for leveraging her marketing


Resources from this episode:

Occupational Therapy Entrepreneurs FB Group
OT Graphically

Katie’s Twitter