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Nature-based therapy is different than traditional pediatric therapy settings.

Even experienced therapists may feel overwhelmed...or have some fear of the unknowns.

Maybe you're seeking new inspiration in your work.

And you know that getting outdoors in nature for therapy could be truly transformational for children and families.

We can help!

 🌳 The ConTiGO (Connection & Transformation in the Great Outdoors) Approach has everything you need to become an expert in nature-based therapy. 

We’ve seen first-hand the power of nature-based therapy to change the lives of children, families … & therapists!

We’ve practiced, learned (sometimes from mistakes!), reflected, trained, researched, and created systems and resources for nature-based therapeutic intervention that WORK.

And we're sharing it ALL so you can truly become an expert in nature-based therapy for children!

I want in!

Nature-based therapy is NOT just nature play outdoors.  

You need a therapeutic framework for nature-based therapy. 


We are thrilled to announce . . .

The ConTiGO Approach Online Course

A comprehensive online course (with lifetime access!), plus resources, templates, and ongoing expert mentoring.

Everything you need to become an expert in nature-based pediatric therapy.


The ConTiGO (Connection & Transformation in the Great Outdoors) Approach is the only published, operationalized nature-based pediatric therapy model. ConTiGO is designed to guide pediatric therapy for children who have challenges with motor coordination, confidence, self-regulation, and social skills. Based on research from the fields of psychology, outdoor education, and occupational therapy, the ConTiGO Approach is an evidence-based framework to guide best practice in nature-based therapy with children. It can be used by therapists from a variety of disciplines (occupational, physical, or speech therapists, mental health counselors, psychologists, social workers, and more).


to other people & to nature is foundational for children's health and well-being. 


for children & families happens through evidence-based therapy in partnership with nature.

in the Great Outdoors

is an optimal place for pediatric therapy!

The ConTiGO Approach Will:

⭐ Provide a clear framework to organize your nature-based therapy sessions.

⭐ Help you blend therapy with nature-connection to optimize outcomes.

⭐ Guide your therapeutic reasoning without inhibiting your creativity.

⭐ Allow you to easily train employees to grow your nature-based practice.

⭐ Empower you to offer a unique service in your community that will set you apart from other therapy practices. 

You'll Learn:

🎯 The research evidence-base and theoretical foundations for nature-based therapy (the “why”) so that you can explain it clearly to clients.

🎯 The “How-To’s” of nature-based therapy (the “who, what, when, where, & how”) so that you can be confident in your nature-based therapy services.

🎯 How to assess an outdoor nature environment so that you pick the best location for therapy sessions.

🎯 How to use inquiry-based learning so that your nature-based therapy sessions flow naturally from the children’s play and maximize therapeutic benefits for the children.

🎯 Essential outdoor skills for nature-based therapy: swing activities, fort building, knives and whittling, and fire starting, so that you’ll have a variety of engaging therapy activities to do in sessions with children.

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Here's what therapists have said about the ConTiGO Approach training ...


Your ***ONE-TIME*** investment to get access to The ConTiGO Approach Online Course is $1547. 

[Or 4-monthly installments of $397]

Lauren Perry

Program Coordinator for Outdoor Therapy at Advanced Therapy Solutions, South Carolina

I knew there was a part of my therapy practice that was missing and learning the ConTiGO Approach was exactly what I needed. It has been the perfect structure on which to build our outdoor therapy programs.

Caitlin Lamping

Nurture in Nature Therapy Services, Minnesota

I was blown away by the breadth and depth of information shared! Practical knowledge, plus a ton of research and theories that lend even more meaning and direction to this work. The ConTiGO Approach online course was HANDS DOWN the most valuable resource I found that gave me the knowledge and skills to move forward confidently in my own nature-based practice.

Erin Taylor

Thrive OuTside/Thrive Therapeutics, Oregon

The ConTiGO Approach helped me feel confident in an evidence-based framework for working with children in nature and gave me tools to apply to practice right away.

Inside ConTiGO, You'll Get Lifetime Access to ...


ConTiGO Approach Training Videos, including:

  1. Foundations & Goals: This module will teach you the research foundations for nature-based therapy and the ConTiGO Approach.

  2. Program Practices: The Therapy Process, Therapy Session, & Key Elements. This module will walk you step-by-step through the therapy process, describe what a ConTiGO Approach therapy session looks like, and teach you the key elements of a ConTiGO Approach therapy session.

  3. Roles & Responsibilities of the Therapist: This module will teach you how the roles and responsibilities of the therapist in the ConTiGO Approach are similar and different from traditional practice settings.

  4. Nature-Based Therapy Environment Assessment: This module will teach you how to strategically assess an outdoor nature environment to determine if it is a good setting for therapy sessions.


To help you save time and easily learn essential skills for:

  • Fort building with children.
  • Using knives and whittling.
  • Tree swing activities.
  • Fire building with children.



A downloadable 85-page full-color workbook

The ConTiGO Workbook with guidelines for implementation, program practices, and environmental assessment, plus journal prompts for reflection and application of your learning. It takes you step-by-step through the material so you can review content at a glance.




For Fidelity to the ConTiGO Approach

This rubric summarizes all of the elements of the ConTiGO Approach and allows you to conduct ongoing self-assessment of your therapy practice for continually improving your services.


Yes, you heard it correctly! 

We are now offering LIFETIME access to core content for as long as we offer the ConTiGO Approach Online Course! For your one-time investment, you get lifetime updates and can re-visit the content whenever you wish in the future. 💚

Your ***ONE-TIME*** investment to get access to The ConTiGO Approach Online Course is $1547. 

[Or 4-monthly installments of $397]

Most importantly, you’ll be confident, inspired, AND equipped to offer nature-based therapy for children!

We’ve also included these valuable BONUSES for you!

The ConTiGO Essentials Prep Set

Checklists, guides, and resources to save you precious time preparing for nature-based therapy.

Pre-Group Prep Checklist for 1-month prior to your session to help make sure nothing falls through the cracks as you prepare. 

Weekly Prep Checklist to help you easily prepare for weekly therapy sessions.


Guide to Writing a Great “Welcome Packet” for Parents.

Our recommended Supplies List to make planning therapy sessions quick and easy.

HUGE Recommended References List of 65+ recommended resources for continuing your growth as a nature-based therapist.

A Therapy Goal Bank of over 50 measurable goals to address children’s motor coordination, mental health, sensory processing/self-regulation, and social skills.

BONUS Trainings on Finding Land & Billing Insurance

Trainings, templates, & forms to help you find land and get paid for your nature-based therapy services. 

Finding Private Land for Nature-Based Therapy Training

Video Training Plus Customizable Templates for: Land Use Agreement, Land Use Proposal, and Zoning Narrative. PLUS Insider Tips for Working with Decision Makers. (Courtesy of Angela Rosenberg, ConTiGO alumni and owner of Treeline Enrichment.)

Considerations for Insurance Billing for Therapy in Nature

Video Training + a Benefits Verification and Tracking Form to support your billing insurance for nature-based sessions. (Courtesy of Kaitlyn Davis, ConTiGO alumni & owner of Adaptations Unlimited.)

Lifetime access to the 4 core content modules, 4 skills videos, rubric, workbook, AND all these bonuses are valued at over $20,000 when you consider the time and energy it would take to compile them on your own!

(Not to mention the mistakes you'll avoid by using these resources!)

They will save you loads of time and allow you to engage in nature-based practice with ease and confidence, using a proven roadmap based on evidence and experience.

But here’s the BEST bonus of all!

It’s the gift that keeps on giving . . .

You'll get ongoing support in our 


with Dr. Laura Park Figueroa & expert ConTiGO Certified therapists for years to come as long as we offer ConTiGO online!

These 75-minute ConTiGO Community calls are scheduled every month to support your growth as a nature-based pediatric therapist. Attend live or access the replay which is stored in a private ConTiGO Community space. In this space, you can also connect with your peers, ask questions about the course, and share your learning. 

Calls are currently held on the first Thursday of each month.

Odd months we meet at 1:00pm CST; even months we meet at 6pm CST.


Are you ready to change lives through nature-based therapy? YES?!

Then don't spend hours/days/weeks/months/years (!) trying to figure it out alone on your own, making mistakes, learning through trial-and-error, and feeling ineffective or uncertain. 

Enroll now in ConTiGO now to get the skills and support you need to immediately start providing nature-based therapy with confidence and become an expert nature-based therapist for children.



  • 4 Modules with Training Videos + Resources
  • 4 Skills Session Videos
  • ConTiGO Approach Workbook
  • Program Assessment Rubric
  • Ongoing Quarterly Mentorship Calls (for years to come!)
  • Lifetime access to course content including future updates.
  • Plus All The Bonuses!! 



  • 4 Modules with Training Videos + Resources
  • 4 Skills Session Videos
  • ConTiGO Approach Workbook
  • Program Assessment Rubric
  • Ongoing Quarterly Mentorship Calls (for years to come!)
  • Lifetime access to course content including future updates.
  • Plus All The Bonuses!! 

Enroll with confidence!

Here’s our Money-Back Guarantee 💕

You can enroll in ConTiGO with NO RISK at all. We are so confident that if you complete all of the course modules and activities and participate in our community calls, you will gain new insight and confidence as a nature-based pediatric therapist. If not, you can request a refund within 90 days of purchase (and tell us how we could have made the course better!).

100% of all therapists who completed our post-course survey said The ConTiGO Approach Online Course increased their confidence to provide nature-based therapy services for children.

No ongoing fees or royalties. Ever.

This is important ...

You will never have to pay ongoing fees or royalties for using the ConTiGO Approach in your own practice.

Some trainings operate similar to franchises and charge trainees ongoing royalties or licensing fees forever after their training. We did NOT want to go that route.

After you attend the ConTiGO Approach training, you are allowed to use the approach as little or as much as you like, allowing you flexibility and more profit to keep in your practice.

💵  ALL your profit is YOURS after our training, unlike other models that charge you ongoing royalties and fees forever!

Join The Waitlist's official! You can now get ConTiGO Certified® to show your commitment to excellence & expertise in nature-based pediatric therapy! 

ConTiGO alumni can choose to be listed in our ConTiGO Certified® directory for increased visibility of your nature-based practice. You'll also get a ConTiGO Certified® digital badge to display on your website and marketing materials. ($29 yearly fee applies for directory listing.)  

It's time for some straight talk for a minute, cause that's how I roll.

Since the ConTiGO Approach started in 2019, there are now other nature-based trainings popping up online. In other words: we have competitors! 😬

And to be honest, it has made me really think about exactly why pediatric therapists should take the ConTiGO course.

I want to assure you: The ConTiGO Approach is the gold-standard in nature-based pediatric therapy trainings. 🏆

The chart below shows you just some of the reasons why:

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