Nature-Based Practice Roadmap

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Therapy in the Great Outdoors 

Resources, training, & community to help pediatric therapists grow successful & profitable nature-based therapy practices.

Maybe you want to work outdoors in nature with children, but you're not sure where to begin?

You’re an excellent pediatric therapist, but…

… working outdoors in nature feels filled with unknowns

… you feel overwhelmed by all the things to do and don’t know where to start

… & you feel alone in trying something different in your profession.

Or maybe you already work outdoors in nature with children, but you're...

…over-delivering for your families and not paying yourself

…stressed out running your nature-based business or program

... & you feel alone when you face hard challenges in nature-based practice.


Why Nature-Based Pediatric Practice?


Children are disconnected from nature.

Screen time, sedentarism, less recess time, urbanization, and risk-averse parenting are all causing modern day kids to miss out on critical experiences outdoors.

Children's lifelong health and well-being are at stake.

 Nature-based therapy practice is supported by evidence.

Research suggests nature supports children's social-emotional development, physical health, motivation, engagement, and creative play.

But nature is completely missing from most therapy practitioners' "bag of tricks".

 Pediatric therapists desparately need nature, too.

Burnout is REAL in most pediatric therapy settings. We give, give, give and are often working with limited resources and time.

Nature-based practice can revive your love of your work again! 


You CAN grow a sustainable nature-based practice that has huge impact in your community.


...fresh air, moving your body, and connecting authentically with children in unexpected ways

...thinking creatively and never running out of ideas for therapy sessions

...never feeling alone again when you hit obstacles in your practice

...& best of all: feeling JOY in your work!

Hi, I'm Laura Park Figueroa 

Nature-loving, growth-mindset obsessed, enneagram 8-with-a-strong-7-wing, pediatric occupational therapist, & business coach who keeps things 100% real.

Everything I do in my work is to help YOU run a profitable and life-changing nature-based pediatric practice.

 I get your struggles cause I have BEEN THERE!

When I started my nature-based therapy practice, I felt SO overwhelmed and out of my comfort zone.

But the changes I saw in children and my renewed love of my work kept me going.

Early on, I learned I LOVED entrepreneurship. Along the way, I created systems and strategies that save LOADS of time and energy when growing a nature-based pediatric practice.

And because of those systems: my practice has been profitable every single year since we started in 2015. (Yep. Even during the pandemic!)

Over the years, I've helped dozens of pediatric therapists start profitable & LIFE-CHANGING nature-based practices through my business coaching and online programs.

But I didn't stop with learning about business. I wanted to truly understand the evidence for nature-based practice (& maybe even start producing some of that evidence)! This led me to pursue my PhD to study nature-based pediatric therapy service provision in my profession of occupational therapy.

Everything I learn as a pediatric practitioner, an entrepreneur, and as a PhD candidate are poured into the offerings here at Therapy in the Great Outdoors, to support YOU in the BUSINESS & PRACTICE of nature-based pediatric therapy.